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So in case GitHub does a flop again, one could grab the source code of maddy, for example, from git.hexanet.dev/foxcpp/maddy. I should link it somewhere...

People can't do any revolution now.

We're enslaved. panic is b$ and, in fact, stress around us decreases our immunity.

<Hexawolf> That's the game: you take math, and then help to shape it by yourself
<Hexawolf> We create beautiful things out of math and nature.
<Hexawolf> We create patterns that would not exist without us.

@bn4t There are much better players on the market. Porkbun is very nice, but for something important, I would prefer gandi.net.

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Vore, drooling 

We are the Universe trying to understand itself.

I don't feel like anything changes from year to year anymore.

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