I wonder how many people were waiting to see if I remembered to update the SSL certificate on the site...

Yes, this time I actually did before it expired 😅

Wait... there's no AAAA record for mozilla.com?


Puppo Space is DNSSEC/DANE TLSA compliant.

The great, green, trifecta:

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#DOFH excuse #45:

It's not DNS. There's no way it's DNS. It was DNS.

Nextcloud Ubuntu 22.04 

So I didn't lose any of my data as I had thought. It just happened to be the default encryption method used by Nextcloud's server-side encryption is depreciated in Ubuntu 22.04 and I had to modify my openssl.cnf file to enable the legacy encryption options again.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Nextcloud to warn people which encryption it uses by default before enabling it so that they can choose for themselves.

Local Instance Stuff (backups) 

I've set up Backblaze to hold a copy of all the encrypted backups for the instance this time around so if anything happens where my primary backup method breaks I still have somewhere to go back to restore from.

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I totally didn't forget about May 4th haha.

I know Jedi's don't exactly use energy orbs but let's pretend one found a way. Besides, what mysteries do you think were lost in the sacred texts?

Force Orbs could plausibly have been a thing! Probably...

The huge downside to this is now I have to find everyone I used to follow again 😔

I'm blame it on ....

Aurora Borealis; at this time of day, in this part of the Internet. Localized entirely in this instance.

Silver Lining 

it was always a nightmare scenario for me that it wasn't going to be losing the database that killed it, that it would be someone realizing my account was only protected by a password and how easy it would have been to take over the sole administrator account of the instance.

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Silver Lining 

I never mentioned this to anybody but the old DB oddly broke for just my account so I could never re-enable 2FA without getting the site error page and I could never figure out why.

Welcome to the official "Day Zero".

I am slowly but surely piecing things back together, rewriting rules and terms of service bits from scratch. Much of the "old" information was already out of date and was on my list of things to update before the collapse but we'll get through this together.

While chocolates and sweets do not make up for lost history, I apologize to everyone who lost years worth of posts.

Like you, I am reset to zero and will be starting fresh. I'm not sure what will happen to our old data floating around on the fediverse but I know I'm ready to start a better chapter.

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