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Just a Ko-Fi Link 

I setup a Ko-Fi in case anyone wants to help support me.

Also if you'd like to support the instance any bit helps to offset the cost of hosting.

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My name is Francis. A Fox who enjoys doing system/network administration both as a job and hobby, mostly Linux.

I'm a very open-minded person, support LGBTQ+, and am overall a pleasant individual. When I'm not managing servers I'm ether sleeping or playing video games.

I like following artists in the fandom, meeting new people, and having fun!

Not very NSFW myself but I do follow those who are and enjoy their content, don't take it personally if I don't boost or fave/like.

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Commissions are open! Please see my commission page for prices and availability! Please also note that I mainly want to focus on sketch style and avatars in this batch, so if you commission a full color, it may take longer. Thank you!!

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twitter crosspost 

my life


Am I in a social interaction of pretty much any kind? Then see my brain below


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What is your daily driver OS?

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What is your daily driver GPU

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What is your daily driver CPU?

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Puppo Space users:

How would a rotating mascot sound? I know for a while now it's just been my fox being a derp but I'd like to encourage anyone who'd like to have their character included as a rotational mascot in order to keep things feeling fresh.

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Service Downtime 

Feel free to beat me over the head with a boot. More extended downtime due to a forced host migration on my part. Sincere apologies that was down for as long as that was.

Local Instance, DB, Extended Downtime 

I apologize for the extensive downtime that occurred for Puppo Space. I've been in the process of moving servers around and the postgresql database absolutely required an upgrade.

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What Have They Done - What Do They Have Planned

Microsoft, Windows Edge (-) 

I also find it incredibly brazen of them that they can't seem to find the time to continue providing security updates for Windows 7 but will gladly push this garbage onto them as well... Like I wish I was making this stuff up. I am beyond words.

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Microsoft, Windows Edge (-) 

I know this is probably making it's way around the web but can we all agree that Windows is spyware now?

This is not the first time they have silently installed stuff on people's PCs and the fact that they automatically imported stuff from Chrome without asking just took the icing on the cake. All my user settings, bookmarks, favorites (potentially browser password vault!?) all just slurped up into Microsoft's data center.

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Meet my fursona, Orion! I updated my look a little and decided to get a new ref sheet with some extra bells and whistles. Thank you to for my amazing and cute new ref sheet!

Finally got my desktop computer to not overheat and turn off anymore. Last few days I've been happily playing Warthunder with a friend and it's helped boost my mood significantly since I no longer feel like "doing more work" is the only thing I can do when home.

Solo Sysadmin, Kinda funny 

As a solo sysadmin for a few things it's always fun when you're going system by system making sure everything is updated and running properly and sometimes you find systems that even you completely forgot about, systems that you set up to do a job but never finished so it's just a empty box with the sole function of counting the days of uptime like whoops.

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Btw, daily reminder. Web applications/sites have complete access to your clipboard whatever you have in there.

FF -> about:config -> dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false

(-) Cisco VPN Troubleshooting 

I love that Cisco decided that when you connect to a VPN with the AnyConnect client they force your system to use the tunnel for DNS which will break everything if no DNS service has been configured on the VPN group policy.

How hard is it to leave DNS alone if no DNS servers have been specified 馃檭

IPv6 30% of the Internet 

So it's 2020 and Google reports that only 30% of all the traffic they serve is IPv6.

It's been almost 10 years since IANA ran out of new public IPv4 addresses to assign out. We should make a public list of ISPs that are still dragging on IPv6 adoption.

Honestly once you've used it for awhile it becomes second nature.

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