How bored do you have to be in order to go through the process of making your own .tld and CA? Cause I'm pretty sure I've just created my own rudimentary Intranet at this point.

@eleix and people at my workplace dont care. We have a list of local ip address starting with 10.*.*.* that we need to manually enter

@koala Dang.. Though I can totally understand the ip addresses part. I actually memorized my network structure entirely by ip address so having the internal dns names did pretty much nothing for me 😄

Although from a work perspective it would drive me crazy once things got above 5-8 systems.

I'm just a small environment in a larger-than-necessary network 😁

@eleix I don't work in IT field, and it annoys me as I can't remember them.

@koala Oh aye 😣 Yeah I couldn't imagine asking users to remember or type in ip addresses for things. Worst case a server gets replaced or fails and the address changes. Much easier to remember a hostname that can be easily pointed to the new record when things change.

If I was head of IT there I would be having a cow. 😄

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