I got a Barracuda 330 acting as a hardware firewall. So far I've got my snort subscriber rules loaded and now I'm tuning Squid to actually cache stuff. Currently the hit-miss ratio is making me cry. I gave it 110 GB plz cache all the things!

Puppo Space has been online for almost a year now and I've kept the standard mascot image for far too long.

Have me sitting like a dog for all your tooting amusement! *belp*

Vore, drooling 


Got a cute comission done by @jearic_fawkes on Twitter.

Where's the water? I'm ready to splash!

I forgot someone made this character for me a long time ago and my friend happened to have a copy of it and sent it to me just now.

So I guess I do have two sonas after all.

Factorio, Open Invitation 


I've been transformed into a Rockruff!

Art by Shlimaz on Twitter

(+) Gitlab User Activity 

Testing VM - Host networking and yeah, I wish I could have network speeds this fast.

My art, Rough character design, protogen? 

PSTree, How low can you go? 

Fediverse Speedup Tip, DNS 

Selfie, EC, Snapchat Filter 

T-Mobile Root CA, Side tangent included 

How bored do you have to be in order to go through the process of making your own .tld and CA? Cause I'm pretty sure I've just created my own rudimentary Intranet at this point.

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