Received a doodle sheet from OrlandoFox and I am so happy right now.

Fun fact: she was the very first artist I commissioned to draw Rix in 2018 ❤️

Wouldn't you invite this cutie to your island? 😇

Art by Shlimaz

Vore, Pokemon 

Glaceon's maw is just as cold as you'd imagine it to be... burrrr~

Art by Diorexity

A fun little idea I've had for a while: Rix as a Jedi.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Doing a background was new from me but I felt I needed something.

Holidays are over but I can't believe I forgot to post this here.

String lights are one of my favorite things during the holidays

Art by @Shlimaz on Twitter.

Blessing that timeline with rainbow socks ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Art by @Shlimaz on Twitter

I got a Barracuda 330 acting as a hardware firewall. So far I've got my snort subscriber rules loaded and now I'm tuning Squid to actually cache stuff. Currently the hit-miss ratio is making me cry. I gave it 110 GB plz cache all the things!

Puppo Space has been online for almost a year now and I've kept the standard mascot image for far too long.

Have me sitting like a dog for all your tooting amusement! *belp*

Vore, drooling 

Awesome headshot piece I got of me and a friend.

Hopefully he isn't thinking of swallowing~

Art by Shlimaz on Twitter


Pushing forward on my list of things to learn I'm now connected into dn42 and have my first established peer.

I'm AS42423621 (TAILSNET) if anyone is also on there and wishes to peer with me!

Got a cute comission done by @jearic_fawkes on Twitter.

Where's the water? I'm ready to splash!

I forgot someone made this character for me a long time ago and my friend happened to have a copy of it and sent it to me just now.

So I guess I do have two sonas after all.

Factorio, Open Invitation 

Going to be playing pretty much all day today minus any time I get pulled away but if you've got the game and wanna play for a bit I'd appreciate the company.

Server address is in the thread.

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I've been transformed into a Rockruff!

Art by Shlimaz on Twitter

(+) Gitlab User Activity 

Not even Github seen this level of activity from me which says a lot

Testing VM - Host networking and yeah, I wish I could have network speeds this fast.

My art, Rough character design, protogen? 

My current OC was an adopt so I figured why not try and make one myself? I've been really thinking about protogens and tried to go full out and draw my own. My art skills are obviously lacking, but this is Octamu.

He's just booting up for the first time and trying to make sense of all the tech he's got plugged into him.

I'll probably change his design a bit more but figured I'm impressed how he came out! Usually I hate everything I try to draw.

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