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Masto-Flipped, April 1st 

I'm an uptime whore. Having long uptime makes me feel awesome.

World Backup Day, Instance Backed Up 

Royal TS, Wine, Upset 

Windows Server 2016. Hyper V Question 

Gonna probably bite the bullet and get QEMU installed on my secondary host.

It's kind of satisfying to almost completely utilize a server to the point where you actually need another one in order to continue expanding :blobaww:

My ISP and my server provider probably did not like this at all! Over 9K active connections from one IP address because the reporting agent for telegram got stuck and decided to open a new session every time it published telemetry data.

New meme? 

Instance, DNSSEC 

Cloudflare Question 

I'm honestly poking fun at my programming experience but it really does feel like this 90% of the time.


Weather, Update, Snow 

(+) Health 

Shitpost, bad sleeping schedule 

(+) Life, Found some good luck 

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