@Kai it'll be a big change so I want to run it by him first and make sure he's at least aware so it's not a big sudden change.

This was my first initial change to show I'm "back", and that the maintainer isn't inactive. Now I can sign with my Yubikey and not worry about trying to recover my old key.

@Kai my plan was to ask on IRC. At least then he's aware. Cause I also want to update a few other things like I'd like to rename the maintainer objects from TAILSNET to maybe CaramelFox so that it at least matches a bit.

@Kai I'll have to get back in and update my records and keys before it officially expires. Worst case I can reach out to Burble, hopefully.

I also want to ask him about letting me switch to using AS211169 instead of 4242423621. Truth be told, it would be easier for me to peer with people that way.

@Kai Wow, oops. I didn't think it had been that long.

Nextcloud Ubuntu 22.04 

So I didn't lose any of my data as I had thought. It just happened to be the default encryption method used by Nextcloud's server-side encryption is depreciated in Ubuntu 22.04 and I had to modify my openssl.cnf file to enable the legacy encryption options again.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for Nextcloud to warn people which encryption it uses by default before enabling it so that they can choose for themselves.

@Kai I don't remember it being so threatening xD

But yes, I do remember it. I need to get back into DN42. Slowly getting there again.

@Kai Something with the default server-side file encryption went "boom" and I've got it going through all 80GB of files i had stored on it, decrypting everything and hoping that once it finishes I can access the files again.

@Kai Not sure, I'm already pretty used to the standard standalone maintenance stuff for it so it's nothing too crazy for me.

I'm actually having to repair my local Nextcloud server as we speak so I feel a bit less jazzed about trusting it at the moment.

@Kai yeah. I think a lot of it comes down to inertia. Platforms like Twitter have been around for a while and when people see Mastodon it's "yet another social media" and to convince all their friends and their friends to move would be a huge undertaking.

@Kai Same here, trying to reconnect with a few instances I can vaguely remember. If I remember correctly I had somewhere 190 followers. I know a few of them were on servers that no longer exist but others I'm not sure.

@Kai @pup That actually seems to have helped boost the instance federation a bit, I just recovered a few lost followers. I went from 15 or so followers now up to 37.


Local Instance Stuff (backups) 

@Kai I had planned to do at least one a month "emergency restore" drills where I spin up a blank server and restore the backups to make sure they are operational.

Local Instance Stuff (backups) 

I've set up Backblaze to hold a copy of all the encrypted backups for the instance this time around so if anything happens where my primary backup method breaks I still have somewhere to go back to restore from.

@Kai it's what the instance is here for, to be used so. Please follow as many people as you desire :)

@Kai That's fine, Honestly the server had a lot more instances federated with it before. I think the DB was only something like 12GB with just posts. 300+GB was the local media and uploaded files.

@Kai My biggest problem is I don't know what I should really post, I mean I have stuff I can post but social media is hard lol.

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I totally didn't forget about May 4th haha.

I know Jedi's don't exactly use energy orbs but let's pretend one found a way. Besides, what mysteries do you think were lost in the sacred texts?

Force Orbs could plausibly have been a thing! Probably...

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