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@frinkel Mine like to randomly not respond to the big public resolvers. I can ping them at 14 ms from my two nameservers but I still run into issues where they say my domain couldn't be looked up until I spam them about 50 times and then magically my domain resolves again. Very annoying :(

Gross cat things, caps 

Yes, I know I have spaghetti cabling forming, I'll fix it one day.

I got a Barracuda 330 acting as a hardware firewall. So far I've got my snort subscriber rules loaded and now I'm tuning Squid to actually cache stuff. Currently the hit-miss ratio is making me cry. I gave it 110 GB plz cache all the things!

Had my first cup of deathwish coffee and I am so awake right now haha xD

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fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

Puppo Space has been online for almost a year now and I've kept the standard mascot image for far too long.

Have me sitting like a dog for all your tooting amusement! *belp*

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do you agree

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I hear this all the time:

"I'm a nobody; why would anyone want to hack me?"

I've got six reasons for you:

You have money.
You have good credit.
You were randomly chosen.
You pissed off the wrong person.
Your friend or family members pissed off the wrong person.
You put yourself out there as an online entrepreneur, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, etc.

If you think no one would ever try to hack you, you need this episode.

There's going to be a live YouTube Premier of this episode at YourSecure.Life/2 at 5 PM Eastern US time.

If you're not seeing this post until after that time, don't worry...you can still watch it. Any time, anywhere. Just go to the website.

There is also an audio version (it is a podcast afterall) and a text version of the transcripts, if you're more into reading.

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(pokedex voice) lucario, the "trying their best" pokemon

Maintainance Alert 

DoH, Encryption 

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eye strain (chromatic abberation), my art 

Sorry I haven't been active much. Work and other personal projects have mostly taken up a lot of my free time and sometimes I forget to post here. I still actively manage the servers and services though so don't take my inactivity as I'm not here, I am. Just watching more than posting.

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inflatable TF kink, furry stuff, link to FA 

(+) Work Related 

@monorail @katie

It honestly looks like they were trying to resemble the trap part of the toilet

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