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do you agree

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Maintainance Alert 

Puppo Space will be going down for maintenance at 2:00 PM EST today. The provider is going to be troubleshooting IPv6 connectivity between the web and database servers which means both will be offline while they work to solve the problem.

During this downtime, both ICANN and OpenNIC DNS resolutions will also be offline so please plan ahead if you happen to point to ether of those servers for DNS during this maintenance window.

DoH, Encryption 

While applications shouldn't be able to override the system-set DNS servers. Many of DoH's "pitfalls" are that people got way too comfortable passively reading the plaintext DNS queries as they traveled over the network. Like honestly this move to encrypted DNS should not have been a big surprise as everything became encrypted.

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eye strain (chromatic abberation), my art 

"'cause you're always in between
stuck behind the tv screen
in somebody else's dream
feeling like a ghost"

I did this for a friend and I absolutely loved how it turned out tbh
#pokemon #mastoart

Sorry I haven't been active much. Work and other personal projects have mostly taken up a lot of my free time and sometimes I forget to post here. I still actively manage the servers and services though so don't take my inactivity as I'm not here, I am. Just watching more than posting.

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inflatable TF kink, furry stuff, link to FA 

Take two on this post!
S-so, I may have had something drawn for myself I commissioned about two months back and was finished just yesterday, a-and it's pretty nice >~> It's Holly Raccoon Lotor turning into an inflatable raccoon girl! ^/////^
a raccoon girl being turned int…

(+) Work Related 

So I got to hear our org is going to be getting our own IPv6 netblock. Fingers crossed I get to do some cool stuff on that front.

I was beginning to wonder when we were going to finally adopt IPv6 into the network.

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windows user: haha lol linux nerds gotta use the command line for everything

also windows user, on new control panel > network settings > old control panel > adapter settings > right click on interface > properties > drivers > ipv4 > properties to set a static IP address: this is okay, actually

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Vore, drooling 

Awesome headshot piece I got of me and a friend.

Hopefully he isn't thinking of swallowing~

Art by Shlimaz on Twitter


Pushing forward on my list of things to learn I'm now connected into dn42 and have my first established peer.

I'm AS42423621 (TAILSNET) if anyone is also on there and wishes to peer with me!

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implied vore 

me: make me a sandwich

other: no

me: sudo make me a sandwich

other: ok


Forgot to tell people I was back, took some much needed time away and things are better.

less than 2 hours from my birthday, 🎂 🎈

On the $350 awoo fine is temporarily lifted...


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Dogs aren't real. Plushies are real.

Commission requests, Minecraft Skins 

Is there anyone who knows someone who does commissions for Minecraft skins? I've tried to do it myself but I think I'm just gonna have someone make one for me

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Learning to say No and not being a doormat 

I am way too nice for my own good. I have no clue how to tell people no and realize that unless I do something to correct that I'm just gonna crash in the worst way possible.

How can I do this without the least bit of guilt? Cause right now any time I tell people no I feel extremely guilty for not helping them.

The downside is it's a Wednesday so that means I'm gonna be working on my birthday.


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