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Installing an internet-connected crane in my garage and calling it localhoist

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pokémon, commissioned art, sfw 

Another late post, but oh well~ Enjoy this cheeky bre from ClefdeSoll!


Holidays are over but I can't believe I forgot to post this here.

String lights are one of my favorite things during the holidays

Art by @Shlimaz on Twitter.

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I finally finished the server move. Took significantly longer than I was hoping for but that's alright. The good news is it's done now.

Blessing that timeline with rainbow socks ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Art by @Shlimaz on Twitter

Server Upgrades 

So I'm planning to do a big server migration and consolidation project over this weekend. During this time I will be revamping my efforts. Some of the changes will be server consolidation. Over the last year I've added 6 dedicated servers. I'm hoping to consolidate things down to just 4 or 3 physical servers. Another improvement you will see is increased bandwidth.

I'll make another announcement when the move is complete. This move will improve load times as well.

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Yes, I know I have spaghetti cabling forming, I'll fix it one day.

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I got a Barracuda 330 acting as a hardware firewall. So far I've got my snort subscriber rules loaded and now I'm tuning Squid to actually cache stuff. Currently the hit-miss ratio is making me cry. I gave it 110 GB plz cache all the things!

Had my first cup of deathwish coffee and I am so awake right now haha xD

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fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

(edited version for clarity)

How much do you spend monthly on hosting your pleroma/masto/masto fork/pixelfed/funkwhale/reel2bits/etc. ?

Boost super welcome

Note: I'm after instances with less than a 300 active users weekly.

Note 2: if you have more users, just reply to the poll with the amount of users.

Note 3: if you run other services on that VPS, make a guess of how much it cost proportionally

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

Puppo Space has been online for almost a year now and I've kept the standard mascot image for far too long.

Have me sitting like a dog for all your tooting amusement! *belp*

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do you agree

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(pokedex voice) lucario, the "trying their best" pokemon

Maintainance Alert 

Puppo Space will be going down for maintenance at 2:00 PM EST today. The provider is going to be troubleshooting IPv6 connectivity between the web and database servers which means both will be offline while they work to solve the problem.

During this downtime, both ICANN and OpenNIC DNS resolutions will also be offline so please plan ahead if you happen to point to ether of those servers for DNS during this maintenance window.

DoH, Encryption 

While applications shouldn't be able to override the system-set DNS servers. Many of DoH's "pitfalls" are that people got way too comfortable passively reading the plaintext DNS queries as they traveled over the network. Like honestly this move to encrypted DNS should not have been a big surprise as everything became encrypted.

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eye strain (chromatic abberation), my art 

"'cause you're always in between
stuck behind the tv screen
in somebody else's dream
feeling like a ghost"

I did this for a friend and I absolutely loved how it turned out tbh
#pokemon #mastoart

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