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IPv6 30% of the Internet 

So it's 2020 and Google reports that only 30% of all the traffic they serve is IPv6.

It's been almost 10 years since IANA ran out of new public IPv4 addresses to assign out. We should make a public list of ISPs that are still dragging on IPv6 adoption.

Honestly once you've used it for awhile it becomes second nature.

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If you're having any trouble, please ask your local Mastodon™️ Staff member for assistance!

(credit: @ribbonfemale on Twitter)

Zoom, Keybase 

So now I hear Zoom bought Keybase and I don't think I like the sounds of that.

Received a doodle sheet from OrlandoFox and I am so happy right now.

Fun fact: she was the very first artist I commissioned to draw Rix in 2018 ❤️

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Wouldn't you invite this cutie to your island? 😇

Art by Shlimaz

Vore, Pokemon 

Glaceon's maw is just as cold as you'd imagine it to be... burrrr~

Art by Diorexity

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Another ball point pen piece i did at a test at China Lake of Stirling and a predator UAV.

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Just a cute little corgi sweetie being cute in a khaki skirt. Done in 2016.

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Tech silly 

Most shells over here in Linux land will let you put in "!!" as a placeholder for "the last command typed". Meanwhile, "sudo" means to do a thing as the high-powered "superuser" that has access to everything.

So when it rejects your command, saying that you don't have access, and you want to re-try it as the superuser, you can type:

sudo !!

And it's kind of satisfying screaming at the computer in this fashion to make it do what you want.

A fun little idea I've had for a while: Rix as a Jedi.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Doing a background was new from me but I felt I needed something.

So I guess now would be a good time to let people know I'll be at TFF this coming weekend. Feel free to come meet me!

(-) Semantics, annoyed 

I find it kinda annoying when people feel the need to put their two cents in on things as nebulous as semantics. A subreddit aimed towards the typical end user will refer to their gateway as a modem/router because that is how it is sold and marketed to them. Calling it a gateway, while it's true name, does nothing to help solve the problem. If I see the OP say modem in their post I will use that to avoid sounding condescending or adding unnecessary confusion.

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Hey, so, since Mastodon's been amazing to me and probably the main drive force behind the recent pin sales, I'd love to give back a little. I don't have a ton of money (shop/patreon are pretty much my only sources atm) but I'd like to donate $50 between, say, 5 servers that are struggling just as a test for now?
Paypal only, sorry i'm not one of the cool kids :( If you're an admin of a masto instance or would like to nominate one, DM me!
(got covered already, of course)

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Installing an internet-connected crane in my garage and calling it localhoist

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pokémon, commissioned art, sfw 

Another late post, but oh well~ Enjoy this cheeky bre from ClefdeSoll!


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