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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@sir Standards unify the ecosystem. Now you don't hate a certain specific API, now you just hate the standard and that hate automatically applies to everything.

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Userstyle for new GitHub.

.avatar-user {
border-radius: 5px !important;

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Seems to be a partial outage. Only from some locations there is no A record.

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It seems like GitHub just lost their domain. No A/AAAA records and SOA seems to be definitely not GitHub.

Paranoid corner: Spectre v2 mitigation in Linux is not enabled for all processes but only for ones that have seccomp filters applied.

To enable it unconditionally (and probably make it more efficient?), add spectre_v2=on to kernel command line.

Or write seccomp filters for your software already.

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Btw, daily reminder. Web applications/sites have complete access to your clipboard whatever you have in there.

FF -> about:config -> dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled = false

I find myself using master/replica instead of master/slave when talking about replication of relational databases simply because "slave" here is a very coarse metaphor. I don't get the drill about blacklist/whitelist though.

Btw, suggested reading material:

@sir I consider ZIP format to be an improvement over tarballs since ZIP allows partial decompression and contents listing with much smaller overhead.

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SELinux seems powerful and is a pretty interesting from the perspective of uniform system-wide sandboxing, but... Every time I try touching it, I see thousands of concepts that probably can be simplified. And lets be honest, you cannot only rely on distribution-provided policies. Sooner of later you will need to write your own or patch distribution-provided ones.

And oh, do not undervalue Unix DAC, especially when extended by POSIX ACL.

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@sir Would it also apply for unlisted repositories?

Case study: deployment consists of /var/lib/maddy directory, /etc/maddy/maddy.conf file, /usr/bin/maddy executable with only libc dependency and init system config. What do you need docker for here?

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Create software that does not require Docker to have maintainable deployments, prefer software that does not require Docker to have maintainable deployments, keep software with a shitshow of dependencies in containers created using mechanisms that are much more simple than Docker (lxd, nspawn, just chroot jail afer all).

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