How's conventional spam filtering (RBLs, DCCs, greylisting, all that stuff rspamd has) compares to Gmail's solution? What's the correct detection rate? What's false positive rate?

In other words, is Gmail's spam filtering superior to what we have as an alternative?

I want to write a lightweight ActivityPub microblog like Mastodon but in Go and probably no-JS frontend (or at least with JS being optional). Any pain points with Mastodon/Pleroma I can try addressing along the way?

People keep rationalizing their beliefs and go voice such incomplete reasoning at the nearest echo chamber.

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The primary problem of rationalism is that, in the environment of incomplete information it is possible to convincingly argue for anything.

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My repository with binary packages for Arch Linux.

Packages available for: maddy, chasquid, ssr-wlroots fork, prometheus-bird-exporter, pkcs11-proxy.

If literally everybody stops donating to Mozilla, they will do just fine due to contracts with Google.

@sir You are right. I (likely incorrectly) counted libc as part of toolchain.

@sir This would increase complexity of porting C toolchain to a new platform. On the other hand, this would enable many more software to be fully portable to any compliant platform.

This would put the end to the endless chaos of dozens of different event-loop implementations all duplicating each other since there will be The One True implementation. (this is especially severe in C++ world that essentially builds on C)

"Web 3.0" applications built on platforms like ETH cannot offer anything for free since distributed validation is based on corresponding cryptocurrency PoW scheme.

And so I made another project public, but not on GitHub - instead it is, our own gitea server. Right now it is not complete, but I guess I will need to learn the art of telling people about cool stuff I made instead of relying on GitHub to get somebody there via their "discovery" thing.

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(Finally I realized, this wasn't to enforce an anti fascist agenda, it was all about control)

I think all the Mastodon instance admins should write an open letter to Google to complain about this.

And promote F-droid at the same time.


This is related to points I made about distributed ledgers before. There are thousands of problems people think they can solve but in reality they cannot.

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"Out of over 86,000 blockchain projects that had been launched, 92% had been abandoned by the end of 2017"


When Mastodon will support Markdown formatting?

FYI PayPal stopped processing in-country money transfers in Russia. This is due to protectionistic law that went in effect and it does not affect international transfers. You can still donate to ~~The Church of St. Deering~~ me using

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