tired. both physically and mentally

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Today, I started my day with accidentally dropping an egg on the floor.

Adding ```@reboot reboot``` to root's crontab.

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ssh [email protected] and login as visitor. It is time to put the old SDF 3B2 back online to celebrate part of SDF’s past. The machine is running now and through #vcfpnw March 23rd and 24th in #seattle #sdf32 #unix50 #community #bbs #living

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Oh hello, world! It's my first toot from Emacs using mastodon.el. You know what? This is pretty good. It's honestly a FAR better client than 'twittering-mode' ever was on the bird site.

Anyway, t his is really just a test. Let's see how it works!

I am still not familiar with how Mastodon works


At dentist. The koala will have one teeth less

( - ) 

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