I finished Watch Dogs Legion today. It has some revolutionary inventions, but still needs lots of improvements. Watch Dogs 2 is still the best game I've played. 

WD Legion>
Highlights: hire anyone on streets; permadeath mode; story is profound
bad: overly repetitive missions; I don't like dark weather and heavy story

I set my default post privacy as public.
As someone who often asks himself 'What will people think about my words' or 'Am I being disliked?', it's a hard choice.

my artworks, community 

I did also talk with my artist friend about where to upload my artworks, FA, IB, Deviantart or Pixiv. I still haven't durst to do that. csmyworksarestupid

personal project, social media 

I want to have a social account for my personal project. Haven't decided to use Mastodon or Twitter.
It'll be used for posting news and notices, especially useful when my homepage server is down.
Twitter is a common choose. But, as a 'privacy-friendly cloud platform', this sounds a little satirical.

A short list of furry RPGs I played in about the past half year. [NSFW items include] 

(DEMO) rotten utopia
(DEMO) changed-SP

Is there anyone playing ? Team with me!
Steam friend code: 919176754
Discord: assmag# 4651

the display name (^_^) 

Yea, I know this isn't a name.
I haven't decided it yet.
I'm trying my best to keep apart online identities. My situation is hard, I want to be safe. Maybe I'll talk about details in the future:(
Luckily, I don't really care how do you call me:)

my life 

I'm a college student. I think I won't get the degree cause of personal issues. Furthermore, I go to school for knowledge instead of degree. But I'd consider my parents' feeling.
Sometimes I do worry about my future, feel like I'm a useless imbecile. Seems none of my skills is suit for a paid work. I don't want to work for IT companies after graduate, either. Even if this is my school major.
Okay... Although I can't live on my hobbies, take some other simple jobs isn't too bad.

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