otter dick 

Come to my commission stream if you qnat a quick picture for cheap <3

gay yiffs 

A good way to spend some time on the porch during the daytime.

Characters: Kairan & Jake

Dick licks 

Secret Santa 2018: Tabris x Macaroon

That moment when you're close, you tell your partner you close, you really want to finish in his butt, but too lazy to move and just so you cum all over his face. Ah well...

dick in butt 

Secret Santa 2018: Dallas x Vash

When the bottom knows how to work his muscles <3

Gay yiffs 

Secret Santa 2018: Howard x Gene

A great way to bring in 2019 <3

Characters: Mayoto & izoar

I moved from to this server! I prefer it. I'll try to keep this as updated, if not more so, than my Twitter. Expect a dump of toots!

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