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Welcome to Puppo Space!

About this Instance

  • Security, and CDN provided by Cloudflare
  • Argo Smart Routing - (Guaranteed lowest latency in multiple locations in the world)
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate (No shared SSL at CDN)
  • 2X Quad core Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 8GB RAM, 2TB Storage

  • Puppo Space is a general, furry-orientated instance that promotes openness and a supportive environment for people from different walks of life. Users are encouraged to engage in friendly discussions across a broad range of topics without fear of discrimination or targeted harassment of an individual or group. Users are responsible for helping maintain a harassment-free environment by consistently and accurately reporting content that fails to meet these requirements.


    Server expenses are paid out of pocket without any expected or required donations of the users. Users who wish to help offset the costs are encouraged to contact the instance administrator through private message for such inquires.

    Instance Costs

    In the spirit of being open and transparent, server costs can be found publicly listed here. Users who express interest in helping maintain the instance may request to be publicly listed as backers of the instance. Unless otherwise noted, all donations will be listed under "anonymous" and recognition is entirely optional.

    Main Server Instance
    • Location: Beauharnois Quebec Canada
    • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    • Memory: 8GB DDR3 ECC
    • Storage: 2TB
    • Available Bandwidth: 100/100
    • Cost: $17.99

    Secondary Instance (Hot Standby)
    • Location: Beauharnois Quebec Canada
    • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    • Memory: 8GB DDR3 ECC
    • Storage: 2TB
    • Available Bandwidth: 100/100
    • Cost: $10.99

    CDN (Cloudflare)
    • Argo Tunnel + Smart Routing: $5 per month + .10 per GB
    • Pro Plan: $20 per month
    • Dedicated SSL Certificate: $5 per Year

    Total Expenses: $53.98 per month / $667.76 per year (Factoring in annual expenses).

    Content Management

    The Mastodon software implements a feature called Content Warnings (or CWs for short) that can be used to set a message in front of content and hide the rest behind the "Show More" button. If a user does not wish to view the content described in the message simply ignore the "Show More" button.
    Content that is not properly hidden behind a suitable CW are subject to removal by the moderation team. Content that originates from outside the Puppo Space instance will be silenced if content does not follow these guidelines. Users can still follow users and receive toots from silenced instances.

    Suspended Instances

    Instances that go against the mission of this instance, fail to properly moderate content, promote hateful ideology, and generally cause a nuisance on the federation as reported by other Masto-Admins are subject to having their instance suspended from federating with Puppo Space.

    Registration Requirements

    • Minimum signup age 18 -
    • A valid email address

    Restricted Content

    • NFSW/Lewd/Adult Content not hidden behind a CW
    • Political commentary or mentions of drugs or drug use without a CW
    • Excessively large messages not contained behind a CW
    • Harassment (of any kind)
    • Content deemed illegal within the United States or Canada
    • Content owned by someone else and used without permission
    • Posts promoting excessive or extremist levels of violence
    • Distribution of malware or other potentially unwanted software through the service
    • Using hurtful or targeted language to attack a certain group or user
    • Excessive trolling
    • Misappropriating memes as use as hate symbols, this includes posting memes that are largely considered to be hate symbols

    Intentional Abuse

    Use of data transmitted to or from Puppo Space servers in a manor that is not consistent with its expected use is deemed abuse and will result in the offending party(s) access to the services being permanently revoked. Actions considered abuse are not limited to...

    • Stalking a particular user
    • Using posts in order to provide targeted advertising
    • Scraping user profiles (Mastodon bots are okay)
    • Intentionally submitting excessive amounts of posts within a small window of time
    • False reports, intentionally rallying users to mass report a user will also be considered abuse
    • Intentional attempts to mislead or impersonate a specific user or group

    Clear notification of boundaries

    Users who ignore clear attempts by one or more parties to end further communication on a topic (eg: messages asking to be left alone or to go away) will receive disciplinary actions taken against their account.

    Multiple Accounts

    Users are permitted to have multiple accounts for use in separating their content (eg: separate SFW and NSFW accounts) or for use in bots. Using multiple accounts as a way to evade a block is not permitted under any circumstances.

    Team Invitation

    Users who are actively involved in the community and are consistently being positive role models may be invited to join the moderation team. Users who are invited to the moderation team are expected to maintain a professional separation from moderation duties and interactions with other users.
    Under no circumstances should a moderator use their powers in a manner deemed inappropriate by the administration team. Moderators who fail to meet these requirements will be promptly removed from the team.

    Moderators and Administrators of Puppo Space volunteer their time and effort to keep this website going. Please do not send in applications or requests to join the team if you absolutely require a paycheck for your time and dedication.

    Reporting Copyright Infringement

    Puppo Space allows users to share messages between local and remote instances and does not employ algorithms in order to detect content posted on the network.

    If you are a copyright owner whose intellectual rights have been violated due to a post on Puppo Space, please send details (Offending user, message URL, timestamp) and any supporting documentation verifying ownership of said content to dmca at puppo dot space.

    Content found to be in violation of the DMCA are subject to immediate removal and are immediately purged from our edge cache upon deletion. Users who regularly post copyrighted material without permission will be permanently suspended.

    Submitting an appeal

    If you are an instance owner and have identified your instance in our suspend/silence filter and wish to know more, please contact the instance operators at staff at puppo dot space

    If you are a user and believe you have been wrongfully suspended or banned from the instance you are allowed up to a maximum of 5 appeals, after which all further requests for unblock will be ignored.

    Intentionally using a proxy or VPN service in order to evade a ban will result in that service's addresses being blocked. If you are caught evading a temporary ban both accounts will be upgraded to a permaban.