Privacy Policy

What we collect:

  • Usernames, Passwords, Email Addresses
    • Used in linking content to a single user account that allows users to easily find each other inside both local and remote instances.
    • Passwords are securely stored and never shared or used for purposes other than authenticating a user's request to login or modify their profile. Puppo Space administrators, moderators, and external instance operators should never ask you to submit your password in any circumstances in order to verify your account. Likewise it is not recommended to share or reuse passwords on the service.
    • Notifications may be delivered to users using the email address provided at registration. These notifications are opt-out and can be freely toggled by the user. This email is also used to alert the user to modifications made to their account. Email is also used to support the recovery of lost passwords and any modifications to the 2 factor authentication system.

  • Messages
    • Content sent to our servers that is then relayed out to local users, relay servers for the federation network, and to followers of said user. Messages are distributed depending on the user's post visibility settings.

  • IP Address and User Agent
    • Upon visiting this website you transmit your computer's IP Address (a unique set of numbers that tell us where to send data destined for you). Your user agent describes what web browser you are using to access the site. This allows us to dynamically provide the best user experience across multiple different devices. This data helps us determine what browsers work best with our site as well as provide insight as to which browsers have a harder time loading the content.

    Right to be forgotten

    Users who no longer wish to have their data stored on Puppo Space may request to have all the data directly tied to their account be deleted. Puppo Space administrators reserve the right to deny a user's request for deletion if evidence of potentially malicious/illegal conduct is discovered. Barring any unforeseen circumstances administrators will attempt to honor all deletion requests within 3-4 weeks, this allows us adequate time to ensure requested data is completely deleted.

    External content

    Puppo Space receives content from other instances connected to a larger public network (referred to as the Federation). Content received over the Federation is not screened, monitored, or modified for Puppo Space audiences. Puppo Space makes no claim that messages received from the Federation are free from content that users may find offensive and instead rely on the due diligence of both local users and remote administrators of the Federation.

    Content appearing on the Puppo Space website from the larger Federation or local users should not be considered an endorsement or sponsorship.

    By posting content on Puppo Space you give us permission to distribute your message to users defined by your post visibility settings. Messages posted under the "public" visibility will be shared with the larger Federation network. Unlisted messages will only be delivered to users who follow that user. Private messages are exactly that. Private messages are only delivered to recipients who are mentioned in the message. PMs may be sent between instances when mentioned users reside on remote instances.

    Request for Stored Data

    Users are permitted to request a download of all stored data on our servers every 7 days. In this archive users will receive ActivtyPub supported format archive of all media posts, messages, followed users list, following users list, blocked users list, and muted users list. This data can then be imported to another instance allowing the user to maintain all of their posts.

    Request for Redress

    Users are permitted to request further explanation for rules explained in our CoC and are eligible to request for rules to be removed if they provide adequate justification and reasoning for such a request. By using the site the user agrees to abide by the rules and terms of service provided by the website. Unless expressed otherwise, it is assumed continued use of the site as nonverbal agreement to the terms and conditions.

    Declaration of availability and accessibility

    Barring any unforeseen circumstances or Acts of God, Puppo Space pledges to provide service uptime to at least 99.9% uptime with an estimated total downtime of 8 hours, 45 minutes and 57 seconds a year.
    In the event of catastrophic system failure, users will be alerted via the Puppo Space website at ( Users may also receive emails regarding extended downtime if access permits. Puppo Space takes no responsibility for the loss or damages caused by data loss. Users are responsible for maintaining their own backups for posts they do not wish to lose.

Puppo Space

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